We live and work in Vancouver, BC, a city well-known for the quality of life it offers, for its mild weather and for its cultural diversity.  It’s the third attribute my daughter and I celebrate here.  Diversity adds a unique, defining flavour to living and working in Vancouver.  It’s a subtlety that’s hard to describe.  It offers a richness and complexity to the resident, that is sometimes acerbic, sometimes tangy, sometimes hot, perhaps smoky, possibly sweet-and-sour, often delectable, certainly umami and never bland.

The ‘single phrase’ to describe life in diverse Vancouver is a bad idea; rather like the Unified Field Theory in Einstein’s time.  So we started this blog to describe life here through ‘encounters’.  The encounter leaves an unforgettable aftertaste; an ‘only in Vancouver’ memory which will be hard to replicate elsewhere.  It’s altogether remarkable; the thing for conversation during dinner and to recount to friends.

We respect the privacy of players by fictionalizing the encounters.  We post in no particular order; only and entirely for your enjoyment, for reflection and for comment.  Do tell us about your own ‘encounters’ where you live; no doubt they convey their own unique aftertaste.  Together, let’s expand our enjoyment of this wonderful gift called life, because LYFIZGUD; too good to squander whining, being bitter, or being arrogant.

– Mark & Mark


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